Freestyle Friday: Volume 23

It’s Friday, and I’m stoked about studying formulas. I have a final next week (and the week after), and I’m planning out the weekend so there is time for work, and fun. Today I have a fresh curation of some dope finds around the web—from handmade ceramics, to gun control, the Full Moon Solstice energy was palpable this week.

Abstract Shapes Bowl Tactile Matter
Abstract Shapes Bowl / Tactile Matter

Tactile Matter, is stoneware ceramics business by illustrator Kenesha Sneed. Her work is playful, flexible, and solid featuring abstract shapes, and bold color. I love the minimal, and unique essence of her hand-made creations.

I love reading, and listening to interviews the highlight the healing work of people of color, and especially women of color. The website Feather Eagle Sky recently shared an interview with Lauren Nixon, a food and wellness educator based in the DC area for their Goddesses Share Their Secrets series. The intimate questions convey a depth and honesty that is so refreshing.

Ava DuVernay is a maverick filmmaker. She is a woman of color with a diverse and powerful portfolio that ranges from popular television shows, feature-length films, commercials, and more. Her website is the, and her vision is revolutionary. Now, she and Oprah Winfrey have again teamed up for a small-screen adaptation of Queen Sugarwhich will premier on OWN this fall.

Following the massacre that took the lives of 49 people in Orlando, the Democratic lawmakers are participating in a historic sit-in demanding the Republican leadership take action on gun control. Congress member John Lewis, a veteran of the Civil Rights movement launched the sit-it, which was live-streaming on Facebook and Periscope when the sit-in began on Wednesday.

On Monday, Supreme Court Justice Susan Sotomayor broke with the majority of the court in a case about unreasonable searches and seizures. In her dissent, she cited James Baldwin, and Taa-Nehisi Coates’s written experiences as black men in America who are constantly being viewed as criminally suspect.  I have yet to read the full article, but I am excited to delve in on one of my study breaks!

Have a blessed weekend.

xo, Christian



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