Exploring the West

This past weekend I was in Dallas visiting my partner who is on a business trip. The drive up got me thinking about how much I would love to take an extended road trip around the western United States before we move back to Ohio next year. 

New Orleans, LA – Dabito

Since we are so close to Louisiana, New Orleans is #1 on our travel bucket list. I have been once before—pre-Katrina, and my partner has never visited. I have a friend from grad school who grew up in NOLA, and we might go with her next month! It will be great to get to know the city through her eyes, and I’m personally  interested to learn what has changed years after such massive cultural and environmental devastation.


Marfa, TX – Clay Austin Photography  / Bisti Badlands, NM

Marfa has been high on our list since moving to Texas. It’s one of those places that just seems like it would be hype, and chill at the same time. Known for its artsy, and beautifully weird vibes,  I’m stoked to experience the city for myself. Pouring over photos of the Bisti Badlands, as well as the traditional stone and adobe homes in New Mexico, I am. In. Awe. Located on Navajo land in San Juan County, NM these rock formations were once apart of a delta. A trip to New Mexico, I think, will be on another level.

Antelope Canyon, AZ – Dabito 

Antelope Canyon in Arizona seems like a most prolific place to experience, and just be. The Canyon, commonly referred to as The Crack and The Corkscrew, is also located on Navajo land, specifically the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo nation in Page, Arizona.

Northern Coast Line, CA / Mt. Rainer, Washington

As we make our way northwest there are three main places we would like to experience. Personally, I would love to drive along the northern coast of California to see Big Sur, the Red Wood, and the Sequoia trees. Landslides in the area are occuring more frequently, so I’m making it a priority to visit before we head back east. Traveling further north to Seattle, I hope we can get in some hiking around Mt. Rainier. This gorgeous mountain reminds me of Mt. Fuji, which I had the honor of visiting in 2008.

While dreaming out loud about our travel plans, we employed this guide I created, 7 Fly Ideas for Active Couples to find fun and affordable adventures around Dallas. It never fails us!  Where in the world would you love to experience?

xo, Christian


Cover image: Clay Austin Photography 



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