Dreaming of A Green Office (Part IV)

Last week I registered for classes, and it felt so amazing (and odd) because it marks our second to last summer in Austin. I know! It’s wild to think that by this time next year I will be preparing for, and taking my boards. This leg of the journeys is nearing an end. Not the end, but a significant change nonetheless. To celebrate this ongoing/upcoming change, I’ve curated a new Dreaming of a Green Office, Part IV! 

1. Image via Convoy // 2. Image via Pinterest 

One of the classes I am most stoked about for the summer is a practice management course. I’m also quite stoked about that velvety green couch, and those precious succulents.

Image via Blissful Blog 

No doubt, this class will be a lot of work, and having taken similar classes in the past, I know I’m in for demographic research, business planning, brand development. To help prepare, I’m finding inspiration in plant allies, like this gorgeous African Candelabra Euphorbia surrounded by all it’s little homies!

Image via Old Brand New 

There is so much to consider when creating a business, and a brand—before any plan, or logo a clear vision is key. One cat whose style I really dig is Dabito, especially this minimal, but plant-powered Mid Century Desk Wall Unit DIY.

1. Image via Frency Fancy // 2. Image via Pinterest

I hope this course will help to strengthen my overall business acumen. I know it will prove invaluable as a creative, and as a practitioner of the healing arts. I know it will take some time to grow my business organically, and for that reason I want to take my time wit the set up. My biggest hope is that this course will provide some structure for me so that when it is time to launch, I will have a solid foundation from which I can move, and groove with ease.

Image via Binti Home Blog

Ultimately, I want to create a space that honors, and advocates for the natural world. Whether that space is indoors, or outdoors, I hope to cultivate abundance in all that I do.Much like the abundant light in this plant haven, it makes my heart swell. Can you imagine hanging out here to enjoy a cup of tea, or bowl of bone broth?

Thanks for letting me share. To check out more in this series, visit here, here, and here. xo, Christian




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