Freestyle Friday: Volume 18

It’s been over 15 months since the Freestyle Friday series started. In honor of spring, I thought it would be dope to refresh the series—a little pruning if you will. I’ll be sharing more of what I love, more frequently, and I hope it becomes a digital curation that you look forward to coming back to every week. Let’s delve into #001, shall we? DSC_0975

  1. As my final year of graduate school approaches, my head and heart have been full of ideas. I love these handmade water color business cards using natural dyes.
  2. Heather Plett asks an all important question, What It Really Means To Hold Space For Someone.
  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of storytelling, and Maria Poplova’s piece, Ursula K. LeGuin on Power, Oppression, Freedom, and How Imaginative Storytelling Expands Our Scope of the Possible, really spoke to  me.
  4. One of my best friends and I have been making mixed tapes for each other for over 10 years now. Although we no longer create analog-style, Spotify is our new favorite platform to share tunes. He recently made me an stellar mix, which include this amazing track by Antony and the Johnson’s called Future Feminism.
  5. I love this video What Our Movements Can Learn From Penguins by Janaya Khan, especially this quote:

When we think about intersectionality, when we think about solidarity, when we think about decolonializaiton, let’s also think about penguins.

A perfect note to end on. Have a rad Friday!

xo, Christian



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