Connection and Co-Existence

Everyday I am in awe of the beauty and magic of nature, and much of my Instagram feed is devoted to honoring the natural world. In fact, we are seeing a huge trend right now in plant appreciation. Social media is bubbling to the brim on botanical love with hashtags like #plantlady. I can’t help but wonder if this new found “obsession” with plant-life might make way for more concrete concerns. After all, we are in the crux of severe environmental crisis from climate change, to ecocide. We know this intellectually, but do we really understand its significance? If we do, how are we making change? And if we don’t, what is the most pressing work that needs to be done?

Earth Day Love 11. Boats in Bali, Indonesia, via Pinterest // 2. Azure Dreams by Lynne Prestabak  Earth Day Love 31. Green Living via The Cottage Market // 2. Image, Artist Unknown via Pinterest Earth Day Love 41. Tree Between via I Love Rain and Coffee // 2. Manus Island Tree Shells by Henry Homke Earth Day Love 21. School of Rays by Ryan Kidd //  2. Herbie Hancock (Mr. Hands, illustration by Jane R. Wattenberg) via  Painting Musical Paintings



Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do. 

—Wendell Berry (Farmer, Environmental Activist, and Author)

In celebration of Earth Day, I curated the above group of images that play on the juxtaposition between natural creation, and human construction—how they connect, and co-exist. These images, their proximity in particular, unearth a curiosity in me, a deep gratitude, a hope. I recently read that President Obama has protected more land and water than any other US President. Perhaps this is a glimpse of sustaining transformation on the horizon—I’ll go ahead and claim it for that purpose. Because half the battle is being accountable to the people, and places with which we find (and grow) community. The rest of the journey is a practice in doing the work, and staying awake. Here’s to loving the Earth (ourselves, and each other) a little more, everyday.  xx, Christian

Cover Image Links: 1.You Know 505  // 2. Fashion Gone Rouge // 3. Image by Unknown Artists via Pinterest 



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