Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Libra: Cipher Up

Dance is sacred. It requires heart, and a bit of inhibition. It will carry you, if you let it, to become your most wild self. It can show you what transformation feels like, to the bone, at the cellular level, if you let it. And with each stomp, each clap, each shimmy of the shoulder, or twist of the hip, as sweat drips from the brow, there is the spirit of liberation. Dance is liberation. To move, and groove the body back to balance is a radical act of love. And when we can get funky on the dance floor in the company of comrades, allies, or even strangers, there is a palpable ether created.

Image found via Pinterest, artist unknown

On Wednesday March 16, we felt the effects of Jupiter trine Pluto. Jupiter is the planet of purpose. Pluto represents growth and rebirth. A planetary trine encourages support and acceptance. And it does so threefold.  The magnitude of this potential, at this time in history, will continue to carry out in our actions and our words. Its presence will be found where we most need to be seen and nurtured as individuals. On a macro scale, it will show up at the polls, and in our political discussions as well. We are in a time of budding forth, an unfolding of energy that has been stored away for an important reason.

Saturday March 19, 2016 at 11:30 PM CST marks the Spring Equinox. At the moment of equinox the sun rises earlier, while night comes later, and tomorrow is the midpoint between the sun’s lowest and highest points of passage across the sky. In Chinese medicine, we see this symbolic relationship within the Five Phases.  For example, this is the season of Wood, which is actually governed by Jupiter, and the direction East. This is the time when the wind picks up, delivering potent messages, reminding us of our purpose. This season is also associated with the Liver and Gallbladder organs—more directly blood and bile, two precious fluids. Our southern hemisphere comrades, on the other hand, know this as the season of Metal, governed by Venus and the direction West. Fall is a time when the earth becomes more dry, astringing its sacred fluids for proper winter storage. The organs associated are the Lung and Large Intestine, a pair highly concerned with water circulation. In essence, they share a symbiotic relationship with each other, and through their interaction Qi is able to flow.

At an equinox, we get a fleeting taste of freedom, as the Earth’s two atmospheres receive equal light from the sum. In this brief moment, two sides witness the same one, a sun that is dancing a most beautiful dance as the moon makes her way into  Libra.

The second eclipse of the month occurs next Wednesday March 23, 2016, at the same time ushering in a Full Moon in Libra at 7:01 AM CST. Eclipses often signify intense energy that leads to great change. Of course, Full Moon lunations are about opposition, as compared to New Moon lunations. The fullness symbolizes the accomplishment of that which was started when the moon appears empty.  New moons provide the space to go inward while Full moons allow for more outreach toward others. And because of this coordination, we are still working with the energy generated during the solar eclipse/New Moon in Pisces at the beginning of the month.

Humans are a progressive bunch, with the ability to magnetize change. We need only look to history for clear examples. And if we utilize the Five Phase paradigm to understand the significance of our abilities, we see where gross obstruction exists. Where walls need to be broken down. Where corruption has become systemic. Where the root branches into symptoms. Within us is an immense force that can either encourage healing, or perpetuate hate. The elements serve as a reminder of what power truly means, and can guide us toward progress that is more sustainable.

And Libra.  Libra reminds us of justice. Libra asks us to seek out those spaces within us and around us that need more balance.  And next week she will hold the moon and sun upon her scales as the Earth passes between, re-inciting the rare energy of the solar eclipse we were all witness to. And in this brief alignment that is only possible during an eclipse, this ritual of release might bear the possibility of a reconciliation, perhaps the start of a revolution on its way.

Equinoxes prove that when we become conscious, we are awakened in all directions. A Full Moon, Full Sun cipher made possible the moment we decide to align our mind and heart to the idea that another world is possible. To rise in love with the notion that a line used to segregate, can transform into a circle that liberates.

Full Moon Cipher Goodness to you and yours,

oxo, Christian



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