Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse: Grow Forth

We become the best version of ourselves by going deep within. We reflect. We meditate. We pray. We dance. We light fires. We sing. We cry. We do it all in the name of becoming. To know the flower of our fullest self, we must know the seed. There is always the space to return to origin, traveling through the grooves of memory, like needle to record. We peel ourselves open to reveal just how creative the Creator is; to understand first hand how the Universe hold us in solidarity. We leave evidence of these truths in the story of our fruition.

Photograph by Miloslav Drukmuller 

On Tuesday March 8, 2016, International Women’s Day, we’ll all be witness to a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 7:54 PM CST. The next one, a lunar eclipse, is coming up on the Full Moon later this month. Eclipses are typically more potent than lunations and provide a starting ground/a break through/a moment of clarity. They are conjunctions with the function to help us coordinate all the bits necessary for co-existence, and community to take shape.

We carve out the space for what most wants to bloom. And now is the time to put forth the best of our beings in order to grow forward. Anything that tries to silence progress is going against the tide of healing. And we are healing, every day, bit by bit. We heal alone, and together. We heal outside and inside. We heal with words and with deeds. We heal at whatever pace is most beneficial. The healing happening now is both visible, and invisible. This New moon, totally eclipsed, passing between the earth and sun will make the waves we need to create a new way of being at home on this planet.

Look to your experiences to find a renewed sense of understanding. When we lay to rest the devices, dogmas, and discrimination that segregate we naturally create more breathing room; more opportunity for exchange. Dealing with past traumas that stress and disorder life can bring transformation on a deep level. Addressing these elements within Pisces can serve to make the process much more creative in nature. The fish, represented by two crescents of receptivity, can potentiate possibilities previously unfathomable. At this time, there is an immense range of (spiritual) motion—even more so in Pisces. Feel all the feels associated with this expansiveness as you are stretched beyond your limits. This conditioning will prepare us for the coming Jupiter trine Pluto on the 16th of this month, when personal and professional impact becomes awesomely palpable.

Continue to seek the soulful solutions you most want to harvest, and start from where you stand. Do your best to recognized just how resourced you are in mind, body, and spirit. As the Earth, Moon, and Sun align, follow their lead. Be encouraged by their communion. And in that sacred story, allow yourself to be reborn.

All the New Moon blessings,

xx, Christian




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