Coffee Alternatives

In my family coffee is a ritual. I grew up going over to my grandparents house in the summers. I’d arrive early in the morning. Sometime granny would still be in her pajamas, sometimes grandpa would still be sleeping. She and I would sit in the kitchen and have breakfast together, usually eggs and toast. I loved watching her make coffee in her small pot. She seemed to have the perfect ratio of grounds to water. The sound and smell was intoxicating, warm, and earthy. Sometimes I would get a small cup, or a little taste from hers — her cup always tasted better. Over the years, I’ve come to share this tradition with others, including my partner. There is a sacredness to the brewing process; a satisfaction that is unparalleled with each drip. And the first sip is always magic, always a reminder of home. summer-kale-salad
While I would never change a thing about my connection to coffee, it’s become really clear to me that I need to take a solid break. As someone who deals with anxiety, coffee tends to exacerbate things for me. And since caffeine is a natural diuretic (and laxative), it often leaves my skin feeling pretty dry. As a birthday gift to myself, I’ve decided to go a month without coffee. Although, I guess one might think of that as more on an-anti gift. Haha! I actually see this as a great opportunity to challenge myself in a healthy way.

My plan is to focus on nutrient-dense beverages that will both promote body fluids, and nourish blood, in order to replenish moisture. To get me in the no hay café spirit, I’ve rounded up a few delicious and nutritious options.

  1. I love the moody photograph featuring green tea from Bloesem Living. I lived in Japan for a year from 2007-2008. While there I enjoyed learning how to organize a traditional Tea ceremony using matcha.So fun!
  2. Dandelion Tea is great for supporting Liver health. Ascension Kitchen has a great Caffeine Free Dandelion Latte that I want to try.
  3. Talk about fluid nourishing, nutrient-dense options, this Goji Orange Tumeric Smoothie from Coconut and Berries looks amazing!
  4. At some point in this challenge, I might need a little extra motivation. Looking at Tea Rituals Around the World from Condé Nast will definitely keep me focused and inspired.
  5. As an herbalist-in-training, Mountain Rose Herbs is one of my go-to resources. They share tons great information on their blog, like this list of 25 Herbs for Healthy Digestion.
  6. One of the things I most look forward to in this process is getting creative. Nutrition Stripped has a rad roundup of Simple Infused Water recipes that I will be referencing throughout the journey.

What are some of your favorite alternatives to coffee?





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