9 Items To Inspire Your Self-Care

MoodBoardSacredSpaceAs 2015 comes to a close, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks (including myself) are starting to rethink the idea of a New Year resolution. Instead of scrambling to commit to something new, I’ve witnessed that people are opting to reclaim their sense purpose, dream bigger, and root right where there are.Although the prospect of a new year can arouse a sense of a “clean slate”, the fact is that more often that not, our projects, goals, and visions take longer to reach than we allow time for. While I know that a deadline can be a helpful tool it can also be misleading, especially when working through deep-held traumas. To really heal from that which oppress us, it’s important to be gracious with time along the journey.

I’m so moved to see people come alive, take back their power, and form community that is centered in love. Inspired by this movement of reclaiming New Year’s revolution, I’d like to offer you this roundup of nine items to help get you into the groove ;)  I created this with the hope that it encourages a sense of sacredness, and motivates you to make 2016 a year filled with divine self, and community care.

  1. Ivory-Prism Rug by Justina Blakeney for Loli Rugs
  2. Sage Bundle 
  3. Lily Flower
  4. Amethyst Cluster 
  5. Votive Candle
  6. Singing Bowl
  7. Snake Plant  
  8. Curved Glass Vessel
  9. Abalone Shell

I’d love to hear from you. What are three things that have previously held you back from practicing self-care?





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