Women of Color who DIY: Art

Today I’m delivering a new batch of Women of Color who DIY. This is the the final one in the series, and to celebrate, we’re talking art! In case you missed the first and second editions, I’ve linked those below (enjoy!).

Women of Color who DIY: Books

Women of Color who DIY: Wellness

Now that you’ve had a moment to catch up on the conversation, allow me to introduce you to eight women artists and artisans who are creating some seriously awesome work in the fields of painting, illustration, photography, ceramics, and textile arts. Let’s jam!

  1. Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski // You may remember seeing this name in previous posts. Amaryllis is a true gem in the arts/activist community—her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, among other major media outlets. In her epic, large-scale paintings Amaryllis addresses QOC Feminism, with lots of grit and grace.
  2. Bookhou // A wife-husband team out of Toronto. They run a multi-disciplinary studio which also houses their brick-and-mortar. They are living one of my long-time dreams, not only as makers, but as a creative team. Their work is clean, plant-inspired, and made with heart.
  3. Christian Totty // (Yours truly!) Makes photographs inspired by nature, and the stories of women and queer people of color. New photography prints will be available in 2016.
  4. Half Light Honey // Creates inventive hanging planters made of stoneware clay, with rich colors, and and Eco-friendly aesthetic.
  5. Jen Kuroki of Koromiko// Creates beautiful hand-made ceramics with pops of bold colors, and loads of personality.
  6. Tactile Matter // The project of illustrator turned stoneware ceramicist Kenesha Sneed, features functional items for the home. Sneed was recently featured on Refinery 29 providing helpful tips on how to make your side-hustle your main gig.
  7. Tasnim Baghdadi // A fierce multi-disciplinary artist and art historian uses digital and physical tools to create bodacious and stunning art. Currently, she’s working on a graphic novel project.
  8. Satsuki Shibuya // Another familiar name around here, is a painter, artist, and spiritual thinker. After years of battling illness, she took to painting to work through her experiences. Her art is ethereal, timeless, and full soulful nuances.

There you have it! Thank you for joining me on this journey to learn about women of color who are making, and creating on their own terms. I hope this series has inspired you to keep moving forward in your creative projects in the coming year.






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