Christmas Full Moon in Cancer: Coming Home

Christmas Full Moon in Cancer Coming Home
Yin-Yang Owls by Jayson Dagher

There comes a time when the inner and outer self start to communicate in deep, and meaningful ways. And once the line is open, really open, things get interesting. This conversation happens at different points in all our lives. It may happen several times. It may be continuous. It may close, and require us to come more correct the next time around. It will grow us up. It will change us. It will require a thick dig into the self. And each time it will return us home, a bit more wise, to the core of who we are.

Early tomorrow morning on December 25, 2015, a Full Moon in Cancer (the last Full Moon of the year) will grace us with a moment of nurturing at 5:11 AM CST. At the exact same moment the rising Sun will greet us in Capricorn (where the Sun will hang out until January 20th). Both are at 3 degrees and 20 minutes of their respective host sign. There is an interesting juxtaposition here. It’s interesting because of its uncanny complimentary energy. It shows us that, what can feel and seem like an opposition, looked at from a different perspective, is actually a honeyed honoring. This Full Moon is a quirky reminder for us humans to open our hearts and minds, unite the power of our inner and outer world, and practice a reveling compassion for life.

Cancer is a complex sign. Crabs groove to the off-beat as they shimmy side-ways. Capricorn is hardy and strong. Its agility and determined footing is what helps the Goat climb. Where Crabs finds security in protection, often decorating itself with plant or animal parts (1). Capricorn seeks promise on the mountain top (2). Interestingly, Cancers rule the Stomach and breasts. Its colors are yellow and white. In Chinese medicine, these characteristics are akin to Earth and Metal. Capricorns rule the knees, bones, and skeleton, and its colors are purple and brown, which has a relation to Water. On an elemental level, we have an Earth, Metal, Water trine happening. In effect, the imbalances and traumas passed on to us from one generation to the next are very present right now. And the questions we might ask ourselves include: What can we do to heal these cycles of violence from within? Can we mirror that healing in our immediate and global communities?

As we unfold personal disharmonies, deficiencies and excesses, we go through a process of confronting our inner child. One of the beautiful and challenging parts about being a human is that we get a chance to mother and father ourselves whole. In this moment, with the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Capricorn, the time is ripe for such activity.

If you, like me, geek out on crystal work, have your Pearl and Onyx at the ready. If you don’t have access to these gems, no worries. You can use other objects that are white/off-white and black such as textiles, rocks, or your favorite ceramics. Spend time meditating with these in hand. You might even consider this thought: What is yearning to be transformed in me?  Try to divine the shape of this urge, and make a spiritual note to refer back to in the New Year. There is time and space for you to join your light with your shadow. There is time and space for you to unite the Yin and Yang within. You are evolving. We are evolving, individually and collectively. Together we are building a revolution based on love. It won’t be easy, but it will be a stone cold groove.

With Peace + Full Moon blessings,


References: Cafe Astrology (1) // (2)




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