Women of Color Who DIY: Wellness

Today I have another WOC who DIY on deck. The last edition was all about books. For this go-around I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite wellness-focused shops. Most of the women of color featured here are multi-talented makers whose skills are vast in the arts and sciences—each with their own unique approach to health and healing.

  1. Folie Apothecary, owned by Nikkisha Brunson of Urban Bush Babes, and Pineapple Life offers handmade skincare to nourish you from the inside out.
  2. Gullah Girl Tea, is a homespun shop with original tea blends created by Charmaine Bee.
  3. Balm & Co., a mother-daughter owned shop from Alex Elle, creates plant-powered products good for the body and soul.
  4. Femme Science, is a radical business that offers potions for your highest self.
  5. Christian Totty, runs a small shop that currently offers original photography, and crystals.
  6. Grandmother’s Medicine is a beautiful business offering plant medicine rooted in ancestral wisdom and sustainable practices.

In solidarity,









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