New Moon In Sagittarius: A New Sense of Freedom

Sarah-Ji Photography

Ella Baker hung a star for us to hold on to when she said “We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.” And Sweet Honey in the Rock reminded us of this truth with the beloved Ella’s Song. And today’s New Moon in Sagittarius at 4:29 AM CST provided another opportunity to reach up and hold on. 

Sagittarius’ is a mutable fire. A flexible flame embodied in the search for spiritual development. This is a sign that will remind us of our humanness— the spiritual and physical material that makes us. This is a sign that isn’t afraid to share wisdom. When Sagittarius is most on point, their showing up game is on fleek.

The Moon has the power to focus our attention to stay present, to keep showing up over and over for ourselves, and for others. Hers is a spirit that teaches, driving towards the deep unconscious within, and asks that we get serious about our potential. To do this, it take intuition, and practice. Practice at reconciling the Moon and Sun aspects of our personality, between the interior and exterior environment. This also means looking back, seeing where we’ve been. And the New Moon can help us do that in a way that also honors where we are in the present moment. And we have the ability to go through this process with all the imagination, and creative juice we can muster. At this time we have the opportunity for the kind of introspection that can lead to radical, sustainable change. This New Moon in particular carries a healthy amount of faith. Faith in ourselves and in others. Faith in what is possible.

Jupiter, an advocate for justice, rules Sagittarius. The New Moon facilitates an opportunity for a fresh beginning. This is not to say that the past can or will be suddenly changed. No. It is with us. It is more than a memory. But the alchemy of this moment in history is something to take seriously. It has a great deal of potential. We have seen this demonstrated in many of our movements in Ferguson, Chicago, and Paris. And of course, we learn from the past how to build better movements. We learn from ancestors, and elders, and youth. We learn in the moment, too. We can constantly learn, to grow our intelligence. Now is the time to build your fire. Make it a big one so that others might we warmed by it.

In solidarity,




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