Blogging: Six Years In

Andrea Pippins, I Love My Hair

This morning I woke up full ideas, and hope. Not much has changed since I started blogging six years ago. From 2011, when I registered my first blog with WordPress as creative project, to today, I’ve continued to learn and grow through this process. Curious about its significance, I sat down with a cup of coffee to learn more about the number 6. You’ll be jazzed to know that I found a wealth of information! Did you know that the number 6 represents nurturing, and community? So rad, right?! I was also stoked to learn that this number is also strongly connected to matters of healing, teaching, and justice—all of which are important to me. When I think of this number, it feels like a benchmark, a time to reflect. Here I can utilize the principle of Sankofa to see where I’ve been, so that I know where I’m going. Not just in blogging, but in all aspects of life and work, this feels like a rather transformative time.

I am excited to grow with you over the next 6 years! Here’s to more nurturing, more healing, more learning, and more justice for everyone. Thank you for being here.

In solidarity,




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