Free/Style: Journey, Transformation, and Awareness

Afterlife by Satsuki Shiuya 

The energy in our world right now is heavy. This week has been quite the conundrum. It all feels like a struggle, but I managed to move toward solutions; toward personal healing. I read The Salt Eaters, a book that I’ve been holding in my heart center for a few years now. I took a test, and passed. I cooked everyday. I cried. I documented. I reached out to collaborate. I tried to wrap myself in things that nurture me. Perhaps you might find the nourishment you need in them, too.

  1. I listened to this stellar interview with artist and spiritual thinker, Satsuki Shibuya today. I love Shibuya’s honesty in sharing her life’s  journey, which is full of struggle, insight, and creativity. If you need some inspiration for the weekend, this is it!
  2. I’m digging this feature about how Visitacion Valley middle school in San Francisco was transformed by the power of meditation. Can you image what the potential of programs like this in schools across the US might yield? It gives me chills.
  3. The field of acupuncture is steadily growing, shifting, and moving. One thing that is constant is the power of the medicine. This article provides a nice overview of how acupuncture can support nerve regeneration.

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