Full Moon In Gemini (+ A Soundtrack)

Twins, artwork by Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski 

Duality is such an important lesson for humans. We fight it, tooth and nail, but there is no running away from the fact it is in us. Inherently, abundantly, deeply. And the Full Moon in Gemini today at 4:44 PM CST is a full-on reminder of this. 

Right on time, the moon enters Gemini today. Gemini is the essence of duality. Symbolized as The Twins, this sign loves to cipher, to circle up and exchange with others in their environment. Gemini is a firm reminder of how important it is that we invest in each other in healthy ways. They love to trade, and communicate, and find comfort in their ability to flow with the group when necessary.

Gemini energy encourages meaningful skill-shares that help us to root, and expand at the same time.

When a Full Moon enters this sign, it points out to us the areas in our lives that might be craving a bit more adaptability. Can we hold a mirror to ourselves and reflect what most needs to be expressed? By nature, the moon allows us to role-play as child and mother. The moon circles the sun, always in protection mode. She watches carefully after her sun.

The Sun embodies the creative life force, and the conscious mind of the Universe. It is the will,  and it makes the way as it symbolizes a circle with the spirit at center. A circle, within a circle. A moon chases her sun. This Full moon is all about holding up that mirror and reminding us that, ultimately, we share the same center.

This is not easy to see. It takes practice and patience.

Especially when Sagittarius has anything to do with it. And when homie is housing the Sun for a spell?! Yo! Talk about higher purpose. Half man, half horse, on a mission to see and get free. The Centaur is a figure of the development of the human soul. And requires so much more than a two-way street. We need access to all roads when it comes to unpacking the human journey. We need to see the fullness that is physical and spiritual. And Sagittarius is here to remind us that within this duality lives the myriad.

The Full Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius is an intensive workshop in multiplication. In the struggle for liberation, we can’t help but bring the whole crew. We are collective creatures. Whether we are sitting at the kitchen table, standing at a protest, or walking miles seeking refuge, our liberation is tied together. We might as well give thanks for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

In solidarity,


p.s. A soundtrack for the journey.



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