Raw Minterals (1)Chemical Formulation: SiO2

Composition: Silicon dioxide. Its purple coloring is usually caused by impurities of iron or manganese compounds

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Localities: North America, Central America, South America, Africa

Astrology: Saturn, Pisces, February birthstone

Energetics: Power, Protection, Wisdom, Healing, 7th Chakra (Pineal Gland)

Amethyst, in all its purple (lilac or mauve) glory, teaches us a thing or two about protection. And with the coming Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday November 25th, we’ll need all the protection we can get. When I see the color purple I am most drawn to its representation of bravery. To be brave, we have to sober up to how we relate to fear. Amethyst has the power to support our truth seeking. It harnesses our innate healing wisdom, and is a power-house of a pal when it comes to supporting us in the pursuit of our highest dreams.

In Egypt, Amethyst was used to guard against guilt and fear, the kind that is self-imposed and tears away at our confidence. This is a stone that asks us to meditate on the ways in which we deceive ourselves, and what the consequences of that deception entails for the totality of our life. The gem of choice for healers, Amethyst has the ability to center and focus personal energy. It is particularly adept at relieving insomnia and headaches, as well as blood and breathing issues. Placing this gem in a window sill, directly in the sun will improve the air and life force by maintaining clear and positive energy in your home. You can also charge Amethyst in moonlight to encourage an calming effect.

Distraction, confusion, and delusion is a serious trifecta to work through, and they all happen to be influencing the energy of this week. The holidays open up an opportunity to heal, so may I offer you this: Get yourself some Amethyst, sit in a quite corner or outside, and notice what is with you. In what ways do you add to your own confusion? What patterns of self-protection can you afford to let go of?  What thoughts poison your mind, and keep you from clarity? Build a fire (literally and spiritually) and cozy up to what you believe is possible in your life. Express your gratitude to those positive representations of self and community that most resonate with you. Amethyst can organize our senses toward opening the psychic centers, and can lead us into greater humility. Working with Amethyst during this Full Moon can illuminate the core of our deepest desires. It can shine the light on what we crave the most in life, and provides that push needed to be brave enough to go for it.

In solidarity,






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