Free/Style: Slow Medicine

Artwork by Micah Bazant

I recently read an article online that really resonated with me, where the author described Chinese Medicine as a “slow medicine”. The the essence of the article was really a message about what it takes to heal—to be well is a huge responsibility. It takes patience, and participation. Thankfully, Chinese medicine is a practice that allows for both of those things. In fact, it requires that you endure long enough to see your true potential as a human being.

 This all ties into the fact that we are approaching the winter solstice, thus deeply entrenched in the holiday season. And add to that, the recent violent tragedies in Baghdad, Beirut, and Paris (as well as those still unheard). The question of healing is one that I’ve been pondering for a while, all the more as our world continues to suffer from a collective history of violence. I can’t help but wonder, what’s the antidote? One thing we might all agree on is that healing is a slow medicine. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a thick dig toward liberation. A lightning that is subtle yet extremely powerful. Today, I’ve rounded up a short list of some of the most powerful things around the web this week. Let each one bring you a sense of comfort, and inspiration. Indeed, it is what gets us through.

  1. Ciara Lee delivers a most powerful TED Talk in Shaker Heights, OH on the topic of Radical Self-Love.The way she is able to connect its importance within an educational context is on time, to say the least. I know the radical self love phrase has been around for a while, but when Lee speaks it, I believe her.
  2. Lynn Jaffee waxes truth about the slow, but deep healing nature of Chinese medicine in an article recently published on Epoch Times.
  3. A friend and mentor of mine posted the poem Songs for the People, by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. This piece reminds me of the importance of solidarity in the struggle for peace and liberation.
  4. Indeed, all good things do take time. And I can’t deny that waiting over 15 years for A Tribe Called Quest to perform together on stage is f*cking rad!
  5. In honor of Trans Day of Resilience  several trans artists contributed their beautiful work to raise awareness around the brutality that trans people (mainly black trans women) face. To date, at least 21 trans people have been killed this year. But its campaigns like this encouraging creative collaboration between organizations and artists that strengthens and sustains the movement.
In solidarity,


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