Free/Style: On Finding Home, Health, and Heart

I Need a Vacation from this Vacation, 2015 by Robert Pruitt

We are all striving to find a unique sense of home: that sacred space where we can just be. It’s a privilege, really, to be afforded the opportunity to create such a place. The most marginalized of us will only have the chance to dream of home in this life. Whether that be a dream of safety, or a wish for stability, a new narrative is necessary. Today, I’m sharing a list of links that all touch on the ideas of home. They are some of my favorite this month, so let’s dive right in! 

  1. Sandra Cisneros (one of my favorite writers) spent some time on the Leonard Lopate Show to talk about her latest work, “A House of My Own: Stories From My Life”.
  2. Robert Pruitt, is an amazing artist who creates drawings and paintings inspired by science fiction, comic books, hip-hop culture, African aesthetics, and political and social struggles in the U.S. Pratt’s recent series of paintings depict thoughtful juxtapositions conveying powerful messages about identity and culture.
  3. I’ve been reading/studying his deep article addressing the psychic weight of blackness, and the ataxic body by C. Davida Ingram.
  4. Activist from the non-profit advocacy group Mexico Negro started a campaign to fight for the constitutional recognition for Afro-Mexican citizens.
  5. I dig this article posted on written by Lindsey Mullen providing 7 Tips for sustaining a life committed to social justice.
  6. “An Ode To Funk” is a righteous pairing of Michael Abraham’s photography with poetry by Patricia Smith.
  7. If you’re in Durham, North Carolina or the surrounding area, this amazing workshop unites direct action training with science fiction.
  8. This heartfelt interview with one of my favorite astrologers Chani Nicolas, is pure magic.

I hope these gems prove to be a source of thoughtful reflection for you this weekend!

In solidarity,



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