The New Moon in Scorpio: A Slow-Moving Search for Truth

img_102615Of all the signs, Scorpio is one that I often look to for wisdom. It’s been that way my whole life—my childhood best friend is a Scorpio, and she always had a certain level of grit about her that I admire. Scorpio: the Scorpion, or Eagle is defined by its ability to bring clarity and vision to a situation. This is the sign that thrives on tensegrity (tension + integrity), seeking freedom on the highest mountain top, and in the deepest sea. Scorpions have an uncanny ability to see and this amazing strengthen is most often the residence of their abundant power.

In its profile, Scorpio is connected to the Fall season, which has a direct correlation to Chinese 5 Element Philosophy. In the latter, Fall is related to the West, dryness, rice, the color white, the nose and skin, the Lung and Large Intestine organs, and the emotion grief. In Chinese Medicine, the Lung organ (both a physical and energetic entity) is responsible for housing the Po, or the animal soul that deals with emotion, action, and the pressing urges of human life. Similar to a Western astrological idea of Scorpio, when in balance the Po can symbolize impartial justice, recognizing that the loss and longing that we experience as humans is a part of what makes us so remarkably tender. When we are rooted in our Po, humans are prone to flashes of great inspiration, leading to understanding, intuition, and  ultimately a spiritual growth that roots us down into our unique power. From this place, our capacity to rise, to stand up for, and to stand with blossoms forth.

Today, November 11, 2015 at 12:47 PM PST marks A New Moon in Scorpio. In classical Greek astrology, Scorpio is also associated with the Water element. It is ruled by two planets: Pluto and Mars, which make for an interesting tango. Pluto embodies the God of the Underworld, representing transformative, and subconscious forces that can lead to renewal and rebirth. Mars is associated with the God of War, bringing energy, action, and desire into the mix. Mars can be aggressive, and when paired with an out of balance Pluto, the two can produce an intense need for control. But that’s only a portion of their story. When these two unite for the common good within the context of a New Moon, their exchange can be profound. Both Pluto and Mars have in common a rawness about them that is magnetic and magical. This is an energy that yearns to be utilized, practiced, and nurtured. And this New Moon is a welcoming invitation to do so.

At our core, we are all anatomical structures compiled of stardust and other organic matter (both physical and energetic). We have all been shaped by the tension and integrity of our surrounding environment, and universe at large. At its core, Scorpio is a lesson in this beautiful struggle. There is immense power in the search for truth and a deeper meaning to life. The process is not easy. It is a real, and raw, and most definitely gritty. But we are never alone in the pursuit. Allow this new moon to remind you of the tense integrity that patterns your life. The energy here is palpable if we can sustain a willingness to explore and examine our dark side. Change is a progression, a slow and steady climb. Remember that your emotions and your movement have enabled you to be here. Remember that your ancestral knowledge, that powerful swirl of stardust within, has ensured your survival in this world, and the next.

In Solidarity + New Moon Blessings!




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