Dreaming of a Green Office (Part III)

cc645224146795cab18a65d360004582Last week was registration for winter term, and I can now officially say that I am a third year graduate student! Throughout my tenure, I’ve always had a vision in my head and heart about what my ideal working environment would look and feel like. If you’ve been reading my blog for sometime, you already know the vision includes lots (and lots) of botanicals! I’m not just talking plants, but a variety of Materia medica from flowers and leaves, to roots and minerals.I’ve also been utilizing the blog to keep track of decor ideas for my dream office space. The physical structure where all of these materials will be housed is a unique one. Imagine a library-green house-design studio situation. The potential of a place like this inspires me every single day. So, I’ve rounded up a few more ideas to share with you! I love the store front entrance of this botanical shop. It’s lovely and open and so welcoming. The open shelf system, and center work station is such a great idea.The decor elements here, like the collection of cushions, and the tie-dye canopy create such a peaceful vibe. A perfect bohemian spin on the typical waiting room.I’m feeling this small, but practical wooden desk. The fact that it faces windows on either side would make this such a great place to work on patient charts, or design treatment plans.  Given the right situation, I would love it if my future office had two additional spaces. The first, a green room, or green house. Here I would create a studio for making products, and holding meetings or workshops.Last, but not least, a nice open kitchen with counter seating would be a rad place to serve up some nourishing teas, fresh juices, bone soups, and congee.

One of these days I’ll get to take all of these ideas to task. Until then I’ll keep dreaming of my future green office. You can read Part I here, and Part II here. And if you’d like, browse through my Pintrest board Office Qi, and tell me which ideas are your favorite. Happy Monday!

In solidarity,


Cover image via Achados de Decoração. All other image sources are linked throughout. 



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