Free/Style: Revolution, Power, and Re-Creation


I recently experienced a very odd situation with a group of peers. It was one of those moments when I really had to step up and show up. As hard as it can be to enter into a conflict, when it is done so in a compassionate manner, the whole game changes. In that process, the who and the what takes a back seat to how you (or I) react to the situation. That is where empowerment can really take root, and grow deep.

The essence of what I’m getting at here is that the place or space where we find our power can only be defined on a personal level. Through my experiences, I am slowly but surely learning how I desire to ‘suit up’ in this world. I’m the soul who defines my personal strength. In caring for myself, I get to create rituals unique to my needs. Loving myself means that the narrative of my existence is told honestly.

As I take root and grow deep, I encourage others to do the same. Today, I’m sharing a list of links full to the brim with diverse stories and voices you may have never considered. I urge you (an myself) to read, to listen, and to make conscious the power that you (we) have in changing the game toward justice and love.

  1. The Revolution Will Go Viral, is a candid interview with Baltimore City activist, and Black Lives Matter member, Kwame Rose, written by Bani Amor.
  2. Sisters of the Revolution, by Sarah Mirk of Bitch Media interviewed Ann VanderMeer about feminist sci-fi anthologies.
  3. Popaganda + Back Talk is a rad feminist podcast also c/o Bitch Media.
  4. Hannah Magazine, is a forthcoming biannual print publication by EIC Quimmah Saafir celebrating the voices of Black women.
  5. Ta-Nehisi Coates, Author of Between the World and Me, spoke at the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center this past Thursday October, 22nd. The center was so packed they offered a LiveStream of the event.
  6. The Black Power Tarot deck features Malcolm X, James Brown, Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, Richard Pryor, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, along with other icons, and is illustrated by Michael Eaton. The limited run of decks sold out quickly, but prints will be available soon (I hope!).
  7. Julio Salgado, the amazing artivist behind the re-creation of classic TV shows with diverse casts (among other works), has been a major national highlight this week.
  8. Giselle Vitali, is a medical artist who recently created beautiful Muscle Language prints, which are available for purchase in the Street Anatomy store.
  9. LaTonya Yvette, a stylist and creative consultant, writes an inspiring blog that reads like an honest breath of fresh air.
  10. Andrea Pippins, the Fly design genius behind Fly Girl Blog provides a dope playlist for the weekend.

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