Style 008 // Changes

September is always a significant month. It marks the start of autumn, and provides the time to hunker down and move inward. Personally, it’s the half way point in the year leading up to my birthday in the spring. This year has been (and will continue to be) all about transformation— the kind of change that is deep in the bone. Utilizing this energy, I spent some time envisioning the next two to three years this past week. I honestly don’t do this nearly enough, and it was so helpful to think about how I want to feel and where I want to be in the next phase of life.

One area of my life that I really want to focus on is style. Hear me out on this. As it stands, my closet is less-than optimal. I would say about half of my clothes are functional— as in, I wear them at least once a week. Living in Austin, and using public transportation is a very unique experience. It is vastly different from living in Chicago, where there is a much more comprehensive infrastructure in place. Compounded with heat, and the fashionable options become a bit more limited. However, I’ve been known to love a good challenge!

As I get older, my personal approach to style as become more holistic. I have just two, relatively simple requirements for the garments and adornments I like to rock: versatility and integrity. I tend to choose items that serve double duty between times of day, and between seasons. These days I’m really drawn toward linen, because it fits my needs, and it’s super durable material. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know I prefer doing most of my shopping in thrift and vintage stores. Hey, there are so many great products out there, already made, that will otherwise go to a landfill. Recently, I have been playing with the idea of buying an item of clothing online. My thinking around this is to keep an open mind, and stay flexible. I figure keeping my closet diverse with thrift, vintage, and new pieces will help build a nice collection of clothing that I can hang on to for years to come.

Over the next few months I’ll be weeding the ‘ol closet, giving things away, and maybe selling some things, too. Adding piece in little by little is my goal, so I’ll be focusing on staple items I can utilize, and grow with over time. You should definitely join me on this journey, over on the Pintrest board I’ve designated just for My Style. I’d love to hear from you on where you find affordable and ethical clothing.

In solidarity,



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