Style 007 // Moon Girl

DSC_0879 (3)I will forewarn you, there is a whole lot of nerd-ing out in this post. As long as you’re cool with that, keep reading! My new glasses came in from Zenni Optical. In anticipation of their arrival, I wrote about a few other pair I’m currently digging (remember this post). After almost a week, my eyes feel so much better! I’ve noticed less strain, and generally less fatigue over the course of the day. It also helped that I began taking a custom-made formula (based on Liu Wei Di Huang Wan) to support Kidney and Liver Yin. Integrative approach for the win! You probably can’t tell, but I’m little excited about these new specs. DSC_0886Just kidding! Clearly, this photo says it all ;)DSC_0895 (3)I highly recommend checking out Zenni Optical. They’re affordable, and have a great selection of frames. I do suggest utilizing the Frame Fit feature, which allows you to virtually try on a pair of specs before you buy—make sure to have your pupillary distance on hand, as it will give you a more accurate idea of how your frames will look. Moon GirlThese new frames have me feeling a bit like Marvel’s new superhero Lunella Layfayette, aka Moon Girl. Hello glasses that bring out my black girl magic!

Happy Friday!

In solidarity,


Photography by Richard Conley, Moon Girl Illustration by Bevsi 



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