The Pelvic Girdle: A Golden Seat of Instinct

tibetan-singing-bowlDuring meditation this morning I found myself imagining my pelvic girdle as a large golden bowl. In truth, this anatomical region where the Ischium, Ilium, and Pubis interact does resemble the shape of a bowl, or a half-moon.  Side note: there is a Blue Moon (the second full moon this month) tonight in Aquarius. You can read more about that here.  07-27a_BonyPelvis_1 medcoxalWhere were we? Oh, right– the pelvic girdle! So, this particular area is a very sensitive and vulnerable place for most people. We store all of our primal energy here, as it is the location of the root chakra, or lower Dantian. In other words, this is the place where our instinct lives. The place where passion meets purpose. From this place, we act out of a need to survive, and a desire to live.1432521-nepalese-singing-bowl-bcsb-tibetan-singing-bowlsThe next time you take a seat, take a moment to revel in how sacred your body is, and how excellent it is at keeping you safe. And if you need another gentle reminder, take this cue from Jill Scott

In solidarity,


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