5 Ways To Nuture Your Creativity


Moment of truth, I struggle with my creativity every single day. At times it feels as if my logical mind completely shuts down any creative or artistic inclination. I can’t tell you how many ideas have dried up like raisins in the sun, all because of one debilitating habit– I allow my fearful mind to rule. We all have some component of fear that directs our thoughts and actions. We dance with it daily, and sometimes it trips up our steps. Although I sort of refer to this mind (or voice) of fear as something outside of myself, I acknowledge it’s a part of my psyche. The challenge is recognizing that the voice is not me.

The fearful mind acts based on past experiences, which can be relentless. Over the years I’ve figured out a way to calm the chatter full of doubtful messages. I’m still working on it– and probably will be for a while. But I’m thankful because it’s been one of my greatest life lessons. The practice of removing the fearful mind, in order to get to the juicy creative mind, is really an act of self-love. Today I thought I’d share a few of my trusted go-to tools for quieting fear, and sustaining the creative force for anyone else out there struggling. Here we go!

  1. Meditate. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know meditation is important to me. It is an awesome tool that can be utilized where you are, with what you have. All it takes is a restful seating position, and a few minutes. The benefits will stay with you, and you will continue to learn something new each time. Bonus: you’ll worry less and less about what holds you back by making space in the mind for what is possible. Meditation Oasis is a great resource with a growing library of free meditations to get you started.
  2. Designate a Sketchbook. Even if you’re an old pro, this one might benefit you, too. Have you ever gone to look for something you wrote, or drawing you made, and it’s no where to be found? I’ve been in that situation so many times! But, if you’re like me and you have ideas often, the best remedy to that is to designate your sketchbooks. Categorize each one by subject so you can always refer back. If you’re on a budget, use one book and make tabs, or create one with recycled paper. Same rules apply if you’re new to the process ;) P.s. Barnes and noble usually has great sales on sketchbooks and notebooks in the clearance section.
  3. Designate a Time. If you research any tips on creativity, you’re bound to find at least a handful that will tell you this: practice is key. That means in order to make something stick, we have to do it often enough— even when we’re not feeling inspired. There are moments when the spirit hits you, and you create something that seemed so divine and effortless. As often as we celebrate those moments, we have to celebrate the hours of practice we put in that lead us toward our moments of great genius– I tell you, they are just as important. Choose a time each day that works best for you, and get to work. You’ll be amazed at what a daily practice can do for your creativity.
  4. Freewrite. Freewrite. Freewrite. Doodle. Doodle. Doodle. This is simple and self-explanatory. The more try, the better able we are to make what is most truthful to our soul. All of this works on our communication skills, which is an essential element to the creative mind.
  5. Look to Nature First. I know it’s tempting to open up your browser when you feel uninspired. But let me ask you, what do you think you’ll find? Instead, step outside. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Water your plants and chat it up with them– seriously! Everything you need, already exists within you. Looking at what others are doing will only weigh you down, and can even deter you from doing what’s right for you. Nurture your connection with nature, and become naturally inspired.

Now, those are only five tips, but they are honestly my favorite! I’d love to hear some of yours. In solidarity, Christian



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