Aspects of Yin and Yang can be found in most phenomena. This is a theory that has provided me the opportunity to organize and analyze events throughout my life. It is common to see Yin and Yang as a relationship of opposition, but that is only 1/4 of the story. Let’s take a look at the other facets to get a more cohesive picture.

It is important to start with the realization that Yin and Yang have two fundamental characteristics that serve as a base for its flowering. Yin and Yang can be divided unlimitedly. Yin and Yang can be the seed of the opposite. Sit with that for a moment, friends. Seeing the potential, which is rooted in simultaneous opposition, and interdependence, it is easier to understand where the other details fit in. In quantity, Yin and Yang can mutually consume one another. In quality, Yin and Yang can intertransform into the other. In essence, Yin can and will become Yang, while Yang can and will become Yin. Here is an applicable example: The point of the day that is considered most Yang (around noon), will eventually and inevitablly shift toward the most Yin point of the night (around midnight). As surely as the sun will reach the highest peak, so shall the Moon ascend toward a great  summit. Yin and Yang is a practice in becoming.

This theory has been on my mind, and in my heart for a while, yet until today I didn’t really grasp its impact. Yin and Yang was, for me, an early lesson in justice. It has shaped my activism, and service. Yin and Yang has provided a way for me to come to terms with the imperpenance of my own independent and sometimes selfish pursuits, in favor of living a life that is more connected and centered. As we celebrate U.S. independence from the British, I invite you to consider how interconnected we really are. Here is my mantra for today:

May we move toward greater peace through the recognition of the phenomenal in all life.

Happy In(ter)dependance Day!

In solidarity,




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