Lessons Learned In Single Herbs

Botanicals are really beautiful, no matter the stage of their life cycle. In my last quarter of single herbs, I finally feel as though I am scratching the surface. In the summer I am taking patents, where I will start learning about the pharmaceutical component of Chinese medicine. After patents, I will start the first level of Formulas, which will pull all of my knowledge of single herbs, and patents together. I am equally excited, and a bit intimidated, but will give it my best effort.

One lesson I’ve learned from the study of herbal medicine is that it is important to get to know your botanicals! Each family and sub-family has its own set of characteristics, and functions. Much like in Western herbology, Chinese medicine organizes herbs into major and minor categories. It can get overwhelming, but remaining humble, and showing respect to our plant ancestors goes a long way!

In an effort to show my respect, and piece information together, I decided to document my process through photography. I actually made a similar attempt about a year ago during the first term of single herbs, but found it challenging to keep up. This time around, I’m creating a more cohesive schedule so that I can stay on top of things. These are a few test shots to get me thinking about the kind of aesthetic I want to portray, and I am sure the herbs will provide a bit of creative guidance as well ;)

I will be sharing my ideas, and a few final pieces on the blog as the project develops. I can’t wait to hear your feedback! What creative side projects are you working on lately?

In solidarity,




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