Deep Breaths + Progress

Amy LeeTombuctou2004For the first time in a long time, I have not been making pictures. Not for lack of creativity, nor time constraint, necessarily. It’s just been a rather… jarring June, if you will. Anybody with me on this? In times like this, I just have to stop and give thanks everyday. Being a human being is a very humbling experience. In lieu of making more images, I have been revisiting my archives. The time line needs some work, I will admit! That must mean this is time well spent. Its turned out to be a refreshing, and productive process. Today I am sharing one from 2004. My friend Amy is pictured here in Tombouctou. We studied Malian art and culture together in undergrad. Whenever I see this I get so very happy– partly because Amy looks so cute in her hat and shades! I also think the imperfections are what make this a favorite of mine. It reminds me to be willing to try. That’s how progress happens.

Here’s to deeper breaths that support our progress! In solidarity, Christian



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