Sunday Pearls: Time Is A Teacher 

There is a lot to learn in life. The variety of subjects and specialties are vast, and the process of transitioning from novice to master can take a whole lifetime– maybe a few ;) The common thread here is time. Time. The definitive place holder that organizes our experiences, and enables us to sort our memories; the marker that gives us reference of a beginning, middle, and end; the continuum that creates solidarity and community, a oneness that is palpable. Time is of the essence, and is essence itself. Time is a teacher, my friends. I got to thinking about the lessons that I have learned through the years, and with the help of my partner, I put together a list of lessons that time has offered us. Here are just a few pearls we’ve gathered through 30 + years of life.

  1. You are not your past mistakes.
  2. Challenges can show you who you are.
  3. Pay attention to the company you keep.
  4. Critical thinking and intuition are your allies.
  5. Honor the elders and the children.
  6. Movement is good for the soul.
  7. Become more aware of subtle energies.
  8. A collective memory lives inside of you.
  9. Your ancestors have your back.
  10. Your liberation is tied to mine.

We hope this list provides you a bit of insight and inspiration for the week ahead. Have a blessed day! In solidarity, Christian (+ Richard) 



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