Portfolio Update + Resources

IMG_0017Good morning, friends! I hope you week has been blessed. I spent a few moments updating my photography portfolio this morning, and wanted to share a few of the pics with you! I added a travel section, expanded the iPhonography section, and included a few more archival images in the portraits section. The image above is one of my favorites! I made this image with/of Miss Charlene, who worked at Antioch while i was an undergraduate student. The photograph includes hand-painted details, which I started doing to my photographs back in 2004! IMG_0024

It has really been a blast looking through my archives, and it has definitely motivated me to keep up with organizing my images, in both electronic and print format. In fact, I’ve been reading a few of blogs for helpful tips. IMG_0032

On that note, I put together a quick list of (what I have found to be) some of the best resources for staying on top of photography storage and organization. I hope you find them helpful. In solidarity, Christian

Photography Organization Resource List

  1. The crew at A Beautiful Mess created this helpful tutorial.
  2. I love this short and sweet list of tips from Oh Joy!
  3. World Photography Organization has a great blog post about developing a productive and efficient workflow.


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