Style 006 // Clinic Staples Part II

Clinic_Staples_2 As the weeks fly by (Goodbye May, Hello June!), tests and quizzes roll right in, and clinic intership approaches, I am doing my best to sustain my peace. I know this practice will be of paramount importance as I continue this  journey as a grad student. I find that the little things that bring me joy are much more heightened during moments of stress. It could be much different. I am so thankful that is not the case, and I celebrate that fact as often as I can.One activity that I am having a lot of fun with lately is creating style collages focused on outfits I can wear in the clinic! As it turns out, this is a great study break! Productive and creative at the same time. Win, win. I created the collage above in between writing a paper on Scleroderma ;) I’ve actually had my eye on that lovely lavender dress from Modcloth for a while now. You can read Part I of this series here, and all the products are linked below. If you have any suggestions for cool threads, drop me a line in the comments! In solidarity, Christian

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