Heavy Rain

Heavy RainHeavy rains this past month have gifted Austin with an (approximate) additional foot + of accumulated water. Compared to the spring/summer drought from last year around this time, the contrast is kind of amazing! I wanted to share a few photos that my partner and I made while driving through the eye of it this past weekend.Heavy RainDid you spot the tornado-like clouds to the right? I kept trying to capture the lighting. Not an easy task using an iPhone in a moving car ;)  Heavy RainHeavy Rain The amount of rain we’ve seen recently is a bit of a conundrum. On one hand, the earth is being nourished. On the other, people in and around this region (especially south Austin, Wimberly, and San Marcos) were affected in a relatively negative way– some lost their homes partially, or entirely. There is a simultaneous (and multifaceted) reality between construction and destruction here. Crazy to wrap my head around, especially if you throw in the overarching affects of climate change. So, how’s the weather where you live?

In solidarity, Christian



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