Meet The Model: Dysha Waites

019You may have noticed this beautiful lady around the blog a time or two. Well, allow me to formally introduce you to Dysha Waites, a very talented model from Austin, TX. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dysha twice now, and each time she brings out a bit more of her skills! I am helping her to create a portfolio (her first!), and the journey has allowed us the time to get to know each other. I will be documenting the process here on the blog as we continue to create and collaborate together. Today I would like to share a short, but sweet interview with Dysha when we first began the planning process in the summer of 2014. 013Christian: How long have you been interested in modeling?

Dysha: I have been interested in modeling for a long time, and I am very self-aware about how I can contribute to dismantling current representations of beauty.

Christian: Do you think you have a specific aesthetic?

Dysha: I am especially interested in accentuating my natural body shape, being photographed in natural and urban environments, and staying true to myself through this career journey.007Christian: How do you imagine modeling fitting into the totality of your life and goals?

Dysha: My future plans include earning a degree in Business, and I plan to combine this with my passion for fashion. I envision entrepreneurial endeavors that are creative, and compassionate.009

A few fun facts about Dysha:

    • My work ethic is to work smart, and have fun!
    • Ultimately, I hope to utilize modeling as a means to pay for school
    • I have a particular aesthetic interest in urban Black art, and I want my work to reflect that.
    • I love photography that is natural and colorful

016Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about Dysha. You can track the process and progress of her portfolio here. Have a blessed day, friends!

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