Read, Set, Travel!

3fa30d8f5f6534bff24db4ad59388bf6I’m not sure if it’s the intense spring rains, the time of year, or the “bug”, but friends, I am itching to travel! There are a few places nationally, and internationally that I’ve always wanted to visit. Washington is high on that list, especially for its combination of water, and mountain scape. 6c0107a2d5bf7c73075132a286b27db4This topographical ocean view of Kailua, Hawaii is simply stunning, yes? 65231894573092523Zi5jXGgRcMy partner has roots in the Philippines, and we are both working toward getting there as soon as possible. While we are there visiting his family, mostly centered in Cebu, we hope to travel around a bit to place like Coron, Palawan. That water is such a beautiful blue! ec2b82ac1978d15136892696007c5aa3At the end of the summer, my partner and I will be heading home to visit our family and friends in the Midwest. During our time, we plan to go on as many hikes as possible, maybe even get in a bit of camping. Getting to southern Ohio to visit Cincinnati, and Yellow Springs is a must for that reason.

My favorite part of traveling is getting into the mix of things, meeting new friends, and making photographs. Grad school has definitely heightened and inspired my desire to visit communities and talk shop about traditional healing. How dope would that be!? If you could go anywhere, where would you go? In Solidarity, Christian

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