Reclaimed By Nature

nature-reclaiming-abandoned-places-23[1]Nature is powerful. We witness this power everyday in big, and small ways. When I came across a roundup of 10 abandoned spaces reclaimed by nature, I was thrilled! The sampling you see here are just a few of my favorite images from the curation. I mean, seriously. Those Koi fish really know how to (re)claim a space! The colorful blooms growing through the train tracks is pretty remarkable. Oh, and that building did not stand a chance against those powerful waves! It’s crazy-cool think about the connection between human creation, and creations made by nature. I truly believe that our processes are much more alike than different. nature-reclaiming-abandoned-places-16[1]nature-reclaiming-abandoned-places-30[1]To see more, head over to 1 Million Women, which, by the way, is an awesome environmental rights organization led by fierce female activists. Tell me, which reclaimed space is your favorite? In Solidarity, Christian



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