Freestyle Friday: Volume 12

Hello friends! It’s has been three weeks since the last Freestyle Friday post, so today I’m changing that! I put together a list of reads that I am excited to devle into over the next week during spring break. Here it is!

Medical: 1. I’m so stoked to read about this interetesting study concerning The Connection between DNA and Poverty.  2. I head through the grapevine that Scientists Regenerate Sensory Neurons. // Human Rights: 3. Did y’all hear that the UN Criticizes US Human Rights Record? 4. The 72 Females Purposely Killed In Philippines Factory Fire is simultaneously alarming, and maddening. 5. Just FYI, Whole Foods Cheese Is Made In Prison. // Women of Color6. Weekends are made for good reads about Women Of Color & Self-Care. 7. I would love to read this article on Black Feminism, and then discuss with my cousins. // Art: 8. Something I often think about is How We Talk About Indigenous Art.

These articles have been piling up in my open browsers. It feels good to get them organized, and share them with you :) I hope you have a great Friday night. I’ll be curling up on my couch with this reading material, and nerding out the whole time. If you want to discuss any of these topics further, you kow where to find me ;) Ciao! In Solidarity, Christain



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