Grandma Vera / 3 Years After 

  My sweet grandmother walked on three years ago today. I think of her everyday. In each moment I am humbled by her life. When I spoke with my mother on the phone yesterday, she mentioned that she, my uncle, and aunt are traveling to Mandel, OH, the place of her birth. I wish I could be with them today, to honor the place where her bones lay; to place flowers there; to offer her fruit. When I travel back home this summer I will make sure to visit her grave, bringing with me all that I have learned in graduate school. I will tell her about herbs, and channel theory, and the power of Qi. And I know she will hear me. I know she will speak to me in spirit. That I know for sure. Whether in Ohio, in Austin, or wherever I find myself in the world, I know that my grandmother, Vera McGee  is always with(in) me, and all around. She is the sky, and the trees; she is most certainly the medicine I am learning. My greatest teacher in life. 

If your grandmother (or grandmothers) are still in this realm, take a moment to love on them while you can. And give them an extra squeeze from me ;) In Solidarity, Christian 



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