Weathering The Signs


Recent (and frequent) rains in Austin this week and last have me quite curious (and a rather worried). Uncharacteristic of this region, for this time of year, the weather has taken a rather wet and soggy shift. The other day I read two articles with accompanying images of the degredation human impact has on our planet. One article addressed the droughts in California, while the other provided a more general, and global perspective.  The cause and effect cycle is hard to ignore when viewing these images. 

What I love most about these pieces is that they name the exact geographic locations experiencing the most severe and dramatic changes. This helps to contextualize, and root the problem at hand, at least, for me. Interestingly enough (or not so interestingly), many of these locations have either been completely saturated with trash, or are drying up. What does this tell us? From the visual examples, it is clear that our consumerism is not only polluting (causing and excessing degree of accumulation), but is is also robbing the earth of essential life-sustaining fluids. The end result is and imbalance, which manifests in many ways, including drought, rains and floods, tornados, and hurricanes at times and locations out of character. 

In Chinese medicine, and many Indigenous medicines around the world, the weather is a messenger; a liason between heaven and earth. As humans we pattern our lives around these messages, and our patterns reflect the surrounding envirnoment, yes? There are many folk tales and stories that call on this idea. The age-old connection between rain and joint pain, or skin hair and thunder is not merely a story, but a sign. They are many signs that give reason to symptoms, both within our bodies, and throuhout the natural environment. Take a moment to listen to that subtle but persistent voice inside. Does it mirror what’s happening around you? There is great power in tapping into that moment, reading th signs, and re-patterning when the time comes. In Solidarity, Christian 

Devastating Photos of California droughts via Business Insider
Humanity’s Devastating Effect On the Planet via Independent UK



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