Artistic Insight: Aitch 


It’s Medical Monday, and I thought is would be fun to continue with the botanial art theme from my post yesterday. While researching anatomical-themed art work, I came across the work of Romanian artist, Aitch. Friends, I am in really digging her work! In her series Beautiful Us, Aitch combines two of my favorite things, anatomy and botany. The result delivers some serious folk-art realness, and the Frida Kahlo influence is strong here. Yet, Aitch is able to weave a unique story of her own, addressing the dualities of life and death. Her additional projects are all connected with a bold botanical aesthetic, which helps to shape a comprehensive body of work. If I had to choose a favorite (which I’m so glad I don’t!), I’d go with the Heart illustration, picutred above. The blooming cacti, strawberry colored heart, and desert theme is what really draws me in with this piece. Plus, I feel it beautifully illustrates the concept in Chinese medicine that the Heart houses the Shen, or the mind. All the little detials like tatoos in the heart totally drives this home for me. Which is your favorite? In Solidarity, Christian



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