Sunday Pearls: King Florist Botanical-Themed Mural 

        There are few things more beautiful than botanicals and street art, at least, to me. When paired together, you had better watch out! Yesterday, Rich and I took a trip to King Florist of Austin, a local shop with some of the cutest succulent displays I’ve ever seen! Right out side of the shop there happens to be one of the cities finest murals. Actually, if I’m being honest, this is the mural of my dreams. Created by local artist Samson Barboza (bka Boza) the King Florist mural features an indigenous woman with (what I believe to be) a hand-full of Magnolia petals. At any moment she might make her wish, and gently blow on the large, richly fragrant buds. It’s probably obvious, but I’ll go ahead and say it, I love this mural! I will definely be scounting the city to see more of Boza’s bold, and bodacious works in the future! 

Check out more of Barboza’s work on his Instagram @_boza_ , and if you’re lucky enough to live in Austin, I highly suggest checking out his work when and where you can! In Solidarity, Christian 



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