Radical Movements: Where Change Happens

        I realized that it has been over a month since I attempted any form of exercise. Prior to this extended time off, I was practicing yoga everyday, and felt great. However, a reoccuring shoulder injury to my subscapularis (a rotator cuff muscle), paired with improper sleeping position, left my cervical (neck) muscles tense, tight, and in pain. After rest, moxibustion, and changing my pillow game, I am thankful that the injury is healing little by little. 

In light of this I decided to get out there, and utilize the gym in my apartment complex this morning. This single act prompted me to write down a few longer term goals, along with a plan of action moving forward. These goals encompass more general lifestyle changes that I want to make over the next few years. They are personal, for sure. I also feel as though they are centered in supporting me thorugh grad school, and beyond. I see each goal as a challenge, and the energy I give will inevitabily transform said challenges into tools. These goals turned challenges turned tools will arm me with more positive ammo that I can share with patients so that they can have the support they need to make transformations in their lives. 

Fresh motivation that is rooted in personal and communal improvment is totally providing the right dose of focus. They say the revolution starts within, so let’s friends, let’s get it in! In Soldarity, Christian 



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