Freestyle Friday: Volume 11 

 Today is International Worker’s Day. If you are a (fellow) laborer and work class homie, I send you love, light, and deep respect. When I think of work I think of my ancestors, and the ancestors of my comrades. We come from sharecroppers and cooks, factory workers, gardeners, domestic workers, and day laborers. Our people are blue collar through and through. Make no mistake about it, their work did (does) take skill, strategy, and creativity. Their work is seldom celebrated, always underpaid, often dangerous, and rarely valued. And if we are keeping it 100%, their work is what really built, and sustains this nation.

As I move through each day, I often think about the people who make it possible for me just to live. When I sit down to have a meal, I give thanks to those who harvested the very ingredients that contribute to my nutrition. I wonder, and worry if they and their families are nourished. When I utilize the water that seamlessly comes through and into my apartment, I pause and pray to the Creator for the gift of water. I wonder, and worry about other parts of the world where clean water sources are scarce. I think of laborers, having done domestic work myself, and it never ceases to amaze me how little they are honored; how their stories and struggles are rarely heard. I worry that if we don’t rewrite the script, it will perpetuate further disillusionment and disconnection already prevasive in our relationships to one another, and our planet. 

To honor IWD, I want to share two resources, as well as ask a question that I’ve had on my mind for some time now: What is one thing you can do to be more accountable and connected to your community and this Earth? If you wish to share your thoughts, perspectives, or actions please do so respectfully in the comments. I look forward to your insight :) In Solidarity, Christian 

Resources: National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) True Grit Project // Aloe Blacc Wake Me Up (Official Video)



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