The Color + Shape of Nutrients

There is a theory that the colors, and shapes of the food and botanical materials we consume for nutrition closely resemble different areas of the body. Take a look at a walnut. Note its shape, and texture. Kinda reminds you of a brain, right? Walnuts pack a hefty punch when it comes to nutritional density, and their form informs human and animal relations alike as to how they are beneficial to the system. It is true, walnuts are awesome for supporting brain function including memory. They are also stellar at retaining moisture in the bowels, a common function of most nuts and seed.

When I saw this glorious Hibiscus bloom while plant shopping the other day, I got to thinking about the dynamic relationship between plants, animals, and humans. Hibiscus is a rock-star when it comes to supporting cardiovascular health. It also gives cholesterol and diabetes the business ;) The deep and luscious pink color lets bees and butterflies know there is nectar to be had, while it also alerts Herbalists that it is ready to harvest. There is so much to learn from the surrounding environment, and the lessons are with us everywhere, all the time. Thinking about all this is getting me so stoked to take Nutrition this summer, and look forward to sharing all the delicious and nutritious details  with you :) In Solidarity, Christian

Resources: TCM Wiki // Gaia Herbs // Alt Medicine




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