Chinese Herbology Posters 101


I’ve had my eye on a few Chinese herbology posters for a while now. As a visual and somatic learner, it is helpful for me to have an image to connect to while studying. I found this to be a really supportive method for retaining rote facts to memory. I thought it would be fun to share a resource list in case anyone is as interested as I am in the power of botanicals ;) What I love about these posters is not just the information they contain, but the artistry, which (in my book) is equally important. If there are resources that need to be on this list post ’em in the comments, and I will make sure to update it! In Solidarity, Christian

  1. Chinese Herbs and Vegetables via
  2. The Healing Herbs of China via
  3. Traditional Healing Herbs poster via

Bonus round…  Lucky Dog Publishing has created an awesome Chinese Herbology poster. Crazy For Tea compiled a sweet list of some of their favorite herbology posters.  Last, but not least, I came across these compelling public health illustrations at the NIH Library of Medicine.



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