Sunday Pearls: 10 Things I Know For Sure

  Happy Sunday! Today was quite the turn-around as far as days go. Starting with brunch, then a rocking Taiji pratice, the events of the day unfolded peacefully, and left me feeling inspired. It got me thinking about all that I have to be thankful for; the aspects of life that keep me grounded, and able to keep going. You know I have to share the goodness! So in no particular order, my list of things I know for sure

  1. Art is a radical and revolutionary practice. It can heal and unite. 
  2. The mind-body connection is essential to the growth process. Our breath is the link. 
  3. Our ancetors and elders have the wisdom we need to survive. We need to listen to them more often. 
  4. Reading is a revolutionary act. It nouishes consciouness. 
  5. Awareness takes practice. Period. 
  6. Accountability is an on-going process. It is a lesson in truth-telling, and showing the F@#$ up. 
  7. Justice is what love looks like in public. Dr. Cornel West said that. 
  8. Self-care looks different for everyone. There is no space for judgment. 
  9. The term ‘lifestyle’ needs to be re-defined. I predict (and will personaly work toward) greater inclusivity. 
  10. Botanicals are always in vogue. Don’t sleep on ’em. 

Thanks for reading :) What do YOU know for sure, friends?  In Solidarity, Christian 



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