Trains & Transience

IMG_4600The beauty of magic hour is in the name. Everyday around 5 or 6 pm, the sun begins its return towards the east. This transition of the biggest star in our Universe makes the sky light up with the warmest tones. Yesterday, I got a chance to make a few photos in this very light, and it was such a rad experience. So rad, in fact, that I have to share this photo with you. I posted it on my Instagram page moments after the photo was made. The above image is a re-edited version, with more light exposure. I have many more photos of passing train cars with all the amazing graffiti work. The whole day reminded me of summers in Ohio. I feel this photograph really reflects the core of my photography style, which has grown rather organically throughout my life. I am grateful, and excited to continue this development, and generally making more photographs during magic hour ;) I wish you an inspired and light-filled week ahead, friends! In Solidarity, Christian



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