Sunday Pearls: First, Take Root

 During my yoga practice today, a lesson on rootedness came to me as I prepared to try a jump back from Uttanasana. This is a pose I’ve attemped many, many times with varying levels of success. Until today I had not realized how unsteady my shoulder strength really is, and how much I had previously relied on my upper traps and neck muscles to power through the asana. This habit left me feeling sore, and only somewhat accomplished. 

Today I had a very different experiene with my jump back. I only did it twice. Neither attempt was ‘pretty’, but I actually started to feel what it is I need to gain stability in my middle, and lower traps, rhomboids, latissmus dorsi, serratus anterior, and core. 

Taking the time to break down the posture step-by-step has given me a whole new insight into how I approach the practice of strength. Plus, I now have a few more tools that I can add in to my strength-building routine. If you care to share any tips on jumping back from forward fold, or ways to build up to it, I would love to hear from you! In Soldarity, Christain 



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