Artistic Insight: Black Girls In Om

-1DSC_4937_MG_0667-YESTo Om. To sound loudly. To call. This is the wisdom that drives the work of Lauren Ash, founder and Creative Director of Black Girl In Om (BGIO). In the first (of, hopefully, many) online publication of BGIO, Ash and Artistic Director, Zakkiyyah, steer our attention toward ‘growth’, and the result is nothing short of deep and insightful. Through the magic of writing and photography, the BGIO community (consisting of diverse creative contributors) provides an inside look into the lives of women of color as they (we) journey into and through the process that is life. Addressing subjects that get to the core of wellness including food, art, self-love, and healing, BGIO is redefining the popular ‘lifestyle’ genre to include our voices. Finally. Equal parts bad-ass, and classy, this is a site you’ll want to bookmark. Personally, I can’t get enough of the gorgeous photography (just a few of my favorite images can be seen above), and the rich, inspirational text. The content of BGIO knocks my socks off, and I am so stoked for the forthcoming publications.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to live in Chicago, you must check out one of their pop-up wellness sessions and gatherings scheduled throughout the city. I won’t mind hearing all the wonderful details one bit! ;) To view their upcoming events, visit their event calendar.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the work of Black Girl In Om as much as I enjoyed writing about it! Thanks for reading, comrades! In Solidarity, Christian

Credits: All images via Black Girl In Om // Photo by Lawrence Agyei  // Photostory by Kat Reynolds // Photography by Danielle Scruggs



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