Billie Holiday // 100 Years Of Lady Day

tumblr_mr4v8zexXJ1sotwjpo1_1280Today, Billie Holiday would have been 100 years old. Holiday is considered to be the greatest Jazz vocalist of all time, reaching an iconic level in the 1940’s at the height of her career. She led an illustrious and tumultuous life, from birth in 1915, to death in 1959 at the age of forty-four. The above photograph was taken for Ebony Magazine 10 years prior to her passing.

I grew up listening to Holiday thanks to the good music taste of my grandparents and parents. My grandmother (who had a wonderfully rich alto range) would sometimes sing her songs while she cooked, or put a puzzle together. This is one of my all-time favorite memories. In honor of Holiday’s birthday, I put together a list of resources where you can learn more. In Solidarity, Christian

  1. Billie Holiday: About the Singer via PBS.
  2. Wynton Maralis Recalls Billie Holiday via LIFE.
  3. Billie Holiday’s Story via TIME.
  4. Billie Holiday Official Tumblr.

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